best productivity software for small businesses

Best Productivity Software for Small Businesses

best productivity software

Running a small business requires time and effort to meet the business’s demands. With a constrained budget and minimum manpower, time is of the essence. Every minute counts to help your business succeed. But, how can one manage all the tasks in a day?

With the help of technology, small businesses are now lucky to have them as a partner for growing their brand. There are hundreds, or probably thousands, of productivity software in the market. However, that would be overwhelming when choosing the right productivity tool. Don’t worry! We have come to the rescue.

In this article, we will provide you the best productivity software you can use for your small business. Choose which brands you think will work for you and see how you can lighten the load of your work.

Why You Need a Productivity Software?

Productivity applications and software aim to streamline the workflow. With such a solution, you and your employees can create a simple and easy work process and enhance productivity. It helps focus your time on the things that matter for the growth of your business.

Especially in our current situation, productivity tools are more useful than ever before. With most of your employees working from home, you need to ensure that they are doing their part. Productivity applications and software helps you and your team connect even when not in the same place. Furthermore, small business project management software improves collaboration and the communication process.

Best Productivity Software


Communication is one of the most valuable aspects of teamwork and collaboration. It leads to the success of a project or business. It helps provide the needs of the customers or solve issues. Communication is a vital tool.

But sometimes, when delays happen or when messages get piled up, it is hard to stay on track. Emails can also be a constant source of delays or could go unread. That’s why you’ll need a tool that provides real-time messaging and no chances of being missed out.

Slack is a communication tool that produces a single platform for your whole team. With more than 12 million daily active users worldwide, it guarantees to deliver what you need.

With Slack, you can follow along with the conversation and discussion of a project. There would be no chances of missing out on messages because you can create channels for a specific team or project. Furthermore, you can simply search for the message you need.

Communicate with your team regarding a certain project on one channel, or chat with your colleagues using a channel for non-business discussion. Get everything you need in real-time.

Slack also allows the integration of other apps like Google Drive and more. In addition, you can also collaborate with other companies like how you work with your team.


Marketing is vital to make your brand visible and get more customers as possible. Although some businesses require the traditional way of marketing, many have moved to the digital method.

There are many ways to market your business online, and one of which is social media marketing. It is known to be one of the most effective strategies since there are millions of users. It is easy to reach them in this way.

But posting daily on social media is a daunting task. It is impossible to release a campaign at a specific time or day, especially when the time is inconvenient or when you have meetings. However, tools like Hootsuite will do the posting for you.

Hootsuite is a social media scheduling tool. But, of course, it does more than scheduling. It’s a platform that unites all social media accounts to help with the success of your campaign. Schedule, publish, track, and grow your brand.

Your team can plan social content and schedule it to be posted automatically. Communicate or engage with your customers by replying to their comments or private messages. Also, you are allowed to assign tasks to team members to boost productivity.

Hootsuite also provides an industry-leading training academy to enhance skills. It includes certification.


Asana is one of many task management tools you will see when looking for one. But, it stands to be also one of the best, or shall we say, on the top ten list of best task management tools. Asana has been used by companies such as Spotify, Google, and more, to manage their employees’ day-to-day tasks. Just like large enterprises, you can also handle your daily goals with Asana.

Asana provides different plans for your business’s needs. With as low as $14 a month, you can manage your team and track their progress.

Create project boards and share them in a Kanban list or board. You can also break down these tasks into smaller and manageable steps, including the person who is in charge and deadlines.

But Asana is more than task management. It’s also an excellent way to communicate with your teammates. You can comment on tasks, provide feedback, and even discuss it with your team.

Connect with other tools like Slack, Google Drive, and more. Furthermore, stay updated while on the go with mobile app versions for iOS and Android devices.


Microsoft Office is the most commonly known productivity software in the market. In fact, it’s one of the best tools you should invest in to help with your business and teamwork.

Microsoft Office 2019 is a one-time purchase software. It is best made for businesses that don’t want a cloud-based solution like Office 365. Microsoft Office Home and Business 2019 comes with a volume licensing for you to use on other computers.

Office 2019 is packed with classic office tools such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook. The Word has new tools such as text-to-speech. In addition, Microsoft’s Outlook allows @mentions, updated contact cards, listening options for your email, and more. PowerPoint has improved features such as better animation and motion, zoom property, and navigation with Surface Pen. Meanwhile, Excel gives you access to new formulas and charts such as 2D maps and funnel charts, publishing of documents to Power BI, and more.

But you might be wondering how can the latest Microsoft Office help your business.

The latest version of Microsoft Office allows real-time co-authoring, which means you and your teammates can work on a single document at the same time. The sharing of documents becomes easier with a single click. Moreover, you can retrieve your documents with Delve.

If you want a subscription-based Microsoft Office with a monthly or annual payment, you can choose Office 365.

Get your Microsoft Office Home and Business 2019 download keys or Office 365 plan to start managing your projects, presentations, emails, and more.


Hiring an accountant to manage your expenses, invoices, and balancing your books can cost you another expenditure. But using software like FreshBooks will help take care of your accounting department. It is built to support small businesses, freelancers, and self-employed individuals.

Create invoices for your clients or customers for just a few clicks. You can use the customizable templates available to make it easy for you to create and send it right away. Set payment reminders to be sent to your clients, create recurring invoices, add due dates, and more.

Aside from creating invoices, you can use FreshBooks to manage expenses such as receiving a receipt from vendors, categorize expenses for easily filing, and a summary of your expenditure.

You can track your time and the time of your employees, share files, collaborate, and start a conversation with your team. Furthermore, receiving payments becomes a breeze. You can accept credit card payment online, books automatically update once payment is received, and it is highly protected.

Get a complete report of your profit and loss, a record of your financial accounts, invoice details, and more. You can even also invite an accountant to double-check your finances.

FreshBooks can also be accessed on your mobile devices such as iPhone or Android.


Ideas suddenly come out of nowhere, and often it happens when you are out of your desk. That’s why you should always be ready with a pen and a notebook to jot down those ideas. However, carrying a notebook and pen all the time is a bit difficult, so Evernote is here to do the job.

Evernote keeps all your ideas and lets you take them with you wherever you go.  It will sync to any device you access your account and add text, images, audios, and documents to your notes.

You can integrate other apps to share content and enhance productivity. In addition, go paperless by scanning documents and storing them in your Evernote account to avoid clutter. Save web pages and highlight them as you want.

The premium account of Evernote allows collaboration, see your team’s history activities, and manages the data. Share notes with others and let them edit the content.


With Dropbox, you can stay focused, organized, and productive. You and your team can share and store files with no interruption along the way.

The right plan will give you enough space to store your team’s files and work and provides more space for collaboration. You can also take control of who can access the files and folders, protect them with passwords, and grant temporary access. When a device is stolen, you can clear the file from the missing device.

Now you can create documents directly on Dropbox and sync the content for your team to view it. Moreover, you can enhance your productivity by integrating other apps to Dropbox.


These productivity software applications can work hand-in-hand. As you can see, most software allows integration with other apps, which makes it easy to access the content and manage it. With productivity tools, you and your team will find more time to focus on what will benefit your business. So try one of these tools and see the positive benefits it’ll bring to your company.

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