how technology can boost workplace productivity

How Technology can Boost Workplace Productivity

workplace productivity

As we live in a technologically advanced world, almost every type of job involves the use of technology. Companies, enterprises, and organizations benefit greatly from modern technology whether, it’s the latest gadget, software, or program.

Technology is a global necessity as all types of industries use it. It provides plenty of benefits, from increasing sales to improving productivity in the workplace.

All types of businesses, from small to large, utilizes technology to help them in various ways. Our inventions have transformed how we work. It has made it possible for employees to reach their quota, increase sales, build teamwork, and improve all departments.

The use of technology helps achieved tasks and goal in time and leave room for other goals to be completed. Also, workplace productivity enhances profitability and the morale of the employees.

In the past, it is difficult to concentrate and achieve everything at once. But technology has taken over tasks that don’t require human contact and left other complicated projects to be done by humans.

So, how can technology boost workplace productivity?

Technology Boost Workplace Productivity

Automates the Process

Utilizing technology to take care of repetitive and simple tasks can move businesses forward. Powerful tools and applications to streamline the work process can save time and focus on what matters. Instead of employees manually confirming payments, posting on social media, and sending emails, technology can take care of it.

There are software or applications designed to collect money, send emails, track data, and more.

In the marketing industry, automation is a big help. It creates space for members to collaborate and share better ideas while the software takes care of mundane tasks. Chatbots can manage the customer service department by answering frequently asked questions and even suggest products that potential customers might be interested in. The use of automation tools like Buffer, Hootsuite, and IFTTT helps social media managers and teams to post their campaigns even when out of the office.

Meanwhile, in the accounting department, software such as QuickBooks, Xero, and MYOB track expenses, create payrolls, send out billings, compute taxes, and more.

Recurring tasks can be taken care of by technology. Therefore, creating workplace productivity that every business needs.

Achieve Goals on Time 

One approach to ensure that you and your staff get the most out of your workday is to manage time effectively. You can track the progress of projects and tasks by each employee using time and project management tools. Google Calendar, Microsoft Project Professional 2019, and other calendar and scheduling apps can help achieve this. Simply plan out your chores and do your best to execute them within the timeframes you’ve set. Use calendar apps that can sync details from your email or other applications. Set reminders to assist your team in staying on track and forming positive habits.

You can also use time tracking apps like Time Doctor to monitor every minute of your employees. You can see how productive they are, how much time they spend on a particular task, and even what websites they visit when working. Time tracking applications assist individuals in determining which tasks require less or more work, allowing them to increase their efficiency.

Helps in Employee Concentration

It doesn’t matter if you have the latest technology. What matters is investing in one that can be in favor of your business’s needs. With the right tool, people can concentrate and communicate without interruption. They can focus on the tasks they have been assigned without thinking of other chores. As a result, it meets your existing business processes, workflows, and culture.

Better Collaboration is Possible

Collaboration is critical in a business, but it doesn’t have to happen in adjacent cubicles. Staff members working from remote locations can effortlessly collaborate and exchange documents with the help of a variety of tools available, such as Google’s cloud-based suite of products, Microsoft Office 365, and more. Cloud-based solutions provide a more robust and efficient environment with better data security. Using Unified Communications (UC) systems allows you to choose between many modes of communication, such as a phone call, an instant message, a conference call, or a video chat. 

Meanwhile, Customer Relationship Management (CRM) can be used by staff to track prospects using a central hub. It helps maintain consistency when dealing with customers and building brand loyalty.

Effective Communication 

Communication is a valuable part of a business. It drives sales, efficiency, and productivity. In fact, it’s the reason why businesses thrive. Without communication, it won’t be possible to build solid teamwork, customer relationship, and workplace productivity. So, whether you need to communicate with your team or customers using email, call, chat, and so on, technology has found a way to help deal with such needs.

Slack is a tool used by multiple teams across the world to communicate with their team members. Other popular tools that are efficient in communication are Skype for Business, Zoom, and Microsoft Teams.

Communication tools make collaboration faster and easier. 

Improves Marketing Strategies and Boosts Sales

One of the goals of the marketing team is to create strategies that will boost the sales of the business. But creating campaigns to increase the conversion rate or revenue is not easy. You can’t just guess what will work and put it out there, expecting positive results to come in. 

Even in the past, before creating a marketing strategy, it requires surveys or collection of data to see who are their target audience and how they can market their products. It is still applicable today, but the difference is that technology made it easy to gather the required data. SemRush, Ahref, and Moz are tools that track the data both on the website and across social media. Marketing teams can check on the data and analyze it to decide on what to do next.

Motivates Employees

Motivated employees result in increased productivity and profitability. Companies that invest in tools that minimize mundane tasks allow employees to focus their time and energy on crucial tasks. Instead of multitasking between work that can be automated and important projects, technology can take care of repetitive tasks.

With technology, the workflow process is smooth, and workplace productivity increases.

Eliminates Manual File Sharing

You don’t have to go to the second floor to hand over a file to your superior. People working remotely don’t have to email or mail documents or files. With modern innovative technology, there is plenty of file sharing and cloud storage programs available today. 

Share information and documents with your colleagues by uploading them on file-sharing sites and software.

Some known file-sharing sites and tools are Dropbox, Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive, and Box.


Helping your employees improve their workplace productivity can be possible by using the best or latest technology. You can simplify the work process by automation, keep them motivated by focusing on crucial tasks, and allow smooth collaboration. As a result, your business will increase its profitability and revenue and build better customer relationships.

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